About Tony Galloway

What will the world look like in 3000 years?
Whereas once civilization seemed as if it would progress, and continue to progress, now it is not even certain that we will survive the next extinction level event, perhaps brought on by global warming, a plague, or some other catastrophe. But nature abhors a vacuum. Some of our species will survive – and evolve, as will the other plants and animals on the Earth. This time when Mother Nature does what she does, she will have an entirely new palette of materials to work with. All of the toxic chemicals that we have pumped into the atmosphere will become the base for a new evolution. Perhaps the distant future will be populated with uranium yellow sunrises, cadmium orange and silvery mercury oxide mists floating over fields of flowers dazzling with crystals of hydrated chromium oxide. Each new species formed from the toxic, but beautiful, chemicals that we have pumped into the environment. We have spent our lives making new things, new structures…monuments to our heroes, testaments to our technological prowess, embodiments of our loves. But after we’re gone what will remain of the world that we have created and how will these things left behind be interpreted by those who follow after us on the evolutionary chart – our genetic decedents whose DNA evolved from our own. These paintings are an imagining of what the Earth’s future will hold.

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